Jay Mya + Kelis Brook – Safe At Last | Music Video

Jay Mya

Jay Mya


Musician Jay Mya has released a new single to raise awareness for children’s runaway charity Safe@Last. The 29-year old has teamed up with lots of volunteers to produce the track appropriately named “Safe At Last“, the visuals for which will be shown in schools across the UK. Jay said about the single, “I’ve always had a passion when it comes to helping children and young people and the aim of this song is to approach those young people on their level. This single will raise money, however the fundamental key to the charity is awareness and this video is going to be shown across schools to raise awareness of the issues in running away. If this means that one child is now safe, job done”. “Safe At Last” is now available to pre-order on iTunes and you can listen to it below.




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