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Jaz Karis‘ formal introduction to the music, her acclaimed 2017 EP Into The Wilderness, made major strides to emphasise the amazing new wave of vocal talent and soul within the UK. Her first official follow-up to the impressive EP is the freshly new and delightfully smooth single “Pretty Dreamer“.


The first of two new drops from the London songstress, “Pretty Dreamer” encompasses everything that’s right with soul. A slow-burning, emotive jazzy soul canvas orchestrated by frequent collaborators Blue Lab Beats, it allows her to be reminiscent in her thoughts. The vocal display is exceptional might I add.


“Pretty Dreamer” happens to come with a B Sides. “Petty Lover” is a stripped back, haunting melody which addresses personal hardships when it comes to love. In her own words: “I literally came straight from a situation to the studio…and pretty much let it all out. At the end, I realised how us as people can be so petty when there is so much more going on.”


It’s clear that Jaz Karis has clearly got something going for her. It’s a certain spark that is reflective in her art, it surely makes her here to stay.





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