JD Sports And Wingstop UK Launch Exciting YouTube Series ‘Tuckin’ In’ With Diary Room HQ

Today marks a thrilling collaboration between JD, the go-to hub for trendy youth fashion and sportswear, and Wingstop UK, renowned for its mouthwatering, made-to-order wings boasting iconic flavors.

The outcome? A groundbreaking YouTube series titled Tuckin’ In, hosted by the dynamic trio behind Diary Room HQ, one of the UK’s fastest-growing female-led YouTube channels.

In this upcoming three-part series, Duaa, Aisha, and Muna will charm audiences with lively discussions on fashion, spiced up with the latest hot topics. Special guest appearances by YouTube sensations Nella Rose and Darkest Man will further elevate the excitement. Together, they’ll dive into their favorite Wingstop picks, tantalizing taste buds while showcasing the latest in JD’s stylish footwear and apparel.

What sets Tuckin’ In apart? Each episode offers viewers a chance to win Wingstop and JD gift cards, promising a delectable feast for the taste buds and a fresh wardrobe update. The journey begins with the premiere on JD Sports’ YouTube channel on March 14th, followed by weekly episodes brimming with excitement.

JD, a global multichannel retailer with over 3,400 stores across 36 territories, is known for its unparalleled access to top brands in sports, fashion, and outdoor wear. Wingstop, on the other hand, is not just about wings; it’s about flavors you can’t find anywhere else, offering a range from mild to scorching hot.

With JD Sports and Wingstop teaming up, fans can expect an unforgettable fusion of sports, fashion, and flavor. Follow @jdsports and @wingstopuk for tantalizing updates and visit Wingstop stores across the UK to experience this unique collaboration firsthand.

In essence, Tuckin’ In promises to be a feast for the senses, blending fashion-forward discussions with flavorful indulgences, all served up with a side of fun. So mark your calendars and get ready to dive into a world where style meets flavor like never before.


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