Jeff Goldblum Has Ideas For A Sequel To David Cronenberg ‘The Fly’ | Film News


Jeff Goldblum just confessed he would love to be a part of a sequel to David Cronenberg‘s 1986 The Fly — the Academy Award-winning sci-fi film which had him play Seth Brundle, a scientist turned into an anthropomorphic insect after one of his experiments with a teleportation machine goes horribly wrong — and well, we confess we would love him to.


The Jurassic Park star, who is currently planning his debut jazz album and finally received his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, told Bloody Disgusting he has many ideas for another The Fly movie:


“I don’t think my [former] character would be involved because of course I got tragically mutated with the fly and then the machine, oh boy… But maybe I could show up as a grandchild of the original Seth Brundle, or Seth Brundle had a brother that emerges in some ways! Who knows, I don’t know but David Cronenberg was a thrill to work with. Boy, if he was involved I’d like to work with him again, I’ll tell you that”.


20th Century Fox is reportedly working on their own reboot of The Fly, but considering neither Jeff Goldblum nor David Cronenberg is affiliated with the project, let’s be honest here: which follow-up sounds more exciting, one with or one without the original team?



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