Jessie Usher, Jeff Goldblum And Liam Hemsworth Confirmed For ‘Independence Day’ Sequel | Film News


Who’d have thought that after twenty years, we’d be getting a sequel to Roland Emmerich‘s brilliant Independence Day starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman. Now, there’s even casting news and the sequel is finally coming together nicely, getting fans very excited as to what the follow up flick might bring.


With Emmerich returning to the directors chair, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Jessie Usher (When The Game Stands Still) has been cast for the lead role of Will Smith’s son from the first film. I have to admit, this is the first I’ve heard of young Usher but I’m really excited that they’ve gotten a fresh face to step in for the lead! Gaining recent success in TV series Survivors Remorse, Usher stars as a young basket ball player who moves to Atlanta with his family when he signs to go pro. With a second series having already been given the green light, Usher is certainly making his mark in Hollywood exceptionally quickly.


Usher will be joined by Independence Day alumni Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth as Emmerich confirmed on his Twitter that they’d be joining the cast. I am super excited to have Goldblum back for Independence Day 2, every film should have a cameo from Goldblum in my opinion and it does give me a little more hope that he might be up for returning for Jurassic World also. Young Hemsworth continues to prove himself as a more than capable actor who fits this genre perfectly also. Independence Day 2 hits theatres on June 24, 2016!


Source: THR/Joblo



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