Joey Fatts + Vince Staples – Farrakhan | Music Video

Joey Fatts 16.04.2016ANDREW


Joey Fatts and Vince Staples come with their new video for “Farrakhan”, and it was originally released as one of the standout songs on Joey Fatts’ March mixtape, I’ll Call You Tomorrow.


The audio opens with foreboding xylophone, inverting what is often a child’s toy into something quite menacing and intimidating. The raps are underpinned by rattling drums, though perhaps not totally in the vein of the Southern rap they are usually associated with.


“Farrakhan” receives its visuals from director, Yamï. It is definitely a blockbuster for something barely three minutes long. In tribute to Farrakhan, bow ties and all, of black nationalist Nation Of Islam fame, this video rails against law enforcement and what is considered entrenched white society. It ends with officers taking advantage of a black woman being shot.




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