Jon Boden – Bee Sting | Music Video


The former frontman of the progressive folk eleven-piece Bellowhead Jon Boden has just unveiled a new live performance video of the single “Bee Sting” which is from the album called Afterglow. The video is shot as part of the Hudson Sessions at Abbeydale Picturehouse, Sheffield, and is coming right before his 18 date UK tour.


The UK tour will take place throughout November while he performs solo and together with his band The Remnant Kings. If you want to experience them you can stop by at Scala, London on November 22. 2017.


“Bee Sting” is about Jon’s past experiences at Lewes’ (East Sussex) infamous bonfire night.


“There is a wildness about it that is often hinted at in large bonfire night celebrations, but Lewes really takes it a lot further, with half-barrels of burning tar being dragged along the narrow, medieval (and one would imagine rather flammable) streets, plus there are several bonfire societies who compete to burn the most impressive effigy – often of present day political figures.”


“And then there is the sheer weight of numbers – the streets are rammed and it is not possible to move against the tide of the crowd. This is where the idea of the two lovers nearly meeting up very early in the evening but then being parted by the weight of the crowd came from.”


Watch the live performance of Jon Boden’s single “Bee Sting” below




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