Jon Favreau To Collaborate With Chef Roy Choi Again? | Film News


Jon Favreau and renowned chef Roy Choi are in the process of a delicious new filmed project together! The director teased the upcoming project while being interviewed at an event for the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl, which is a celebration of the city’s culinary scene that stretches over a month.


I’m filming some stuff now”, shared Favreau. “It’s something I’m doing on my own and I’m not actually sure what form it’s going to take.


The director and the food truck king had previously collaborated on the 2014 Open Road indie Chef, which starred Favreau as a jaded superstar cook learning to humble himself while serving food on a food truck.


As Favreau had mentioned before, there aren’t many clear details about this project, like whether or not it will be another feature film, but this isn’t surprising, considering Favreau’s commitments to the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King. But hopefully we’ll hear more details soon!



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