Jonny Stanback Explores Long-Distance Love On New Single ‘Intertwined’


Los Angeles-based musician Jonny Stanback, formerly the lead singer of the indie rock band The Jacks, has embarked on a solo journey with the release of his poignant new single, “Intertwined.” This acoustic pop track delves into the complexities of long-distance relationships, drawing from Stanback’s personal experiences.

“Intertwined” is part of Stanback’s ambitious “Hail Mary Hundred” challenge for 2024, where he aims to release 100 songs. This track stands out as a touching exploration of connection and love despite physical separation. Inspired by a period of his life when he and his partner were over 6000 miles apart, Stanback captures the invisible bond that kept them united.

I wrote ‘Intertwined’ during a long-distance period of my relationship,” Stanback shares. “Even though we were more than 6000 miles apart, we still felt connected almost invisibly, and I thought that was sweet. I think I wrote the song for myself and her to catalog that moment in time. It felt special, and I think as an artist, you try to capture those little moments so you can bring them with you. It’s fun to collect them as you go along.”

This new single follows the release of his 2023 album BRONCO, a masterful blend of folk, indie rock, and Americana. BRONCO marked Stanback’s transition from his band days with THE JACKS to a solo artist, allowing him to explore deeper, more personal themes in his music.

In addition to his music career, Stanback has an interesting background. Raised in the suburban sprawl of Irvine, CA, he pursued creativity in various forms, from art and music to design.

He graduated from USC with a Master’s degree in Geology but soon applied his skills to his musical endeavors with The Jacks, touring the USA and releasing several albums. After parting ways with the band, he co-founded DeLabs, the company behind the NFT projects DeGods and y00ts, before returning to his musical roots with BRONCO.

With “Intertwined,” Stanback continues to captivate listeners with his heartfelt storytelling and acoustic melodies. As he works on his “Hail Mary Hundred” challenge, fans can expect more songs that delve into themes of hope, love, letting go, isolation, and adventure.

Listen to “Intertwined” below!


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