Joseph J. Jones – Blood Lockdown (Lyric Video) | New Music



“Blood Lockdown” is a reworking of Kanye West’s “Blood On The Leaves” and “Love Lockdown”, courtesy of Joseph J. Jones and writer and producer, Richard Frenneaux. The latter has been working with Joseph for the last year, or so. He released his EP, Hurricane, through Communion Records on September 16.


“Blood Lockdown” rings out foreboding at first, though a change in key hints at hope. Rousing, even. His voice is quite deep and impassioned. However, it can also soar and belt out with no wobble. Clicking fingers give it a moody feel, further to the masculine sassiness coming from those diverse vocals.


The lyric video starts and ends with a detailed, black and white, rather dark, cartoon caricature of Joseph, like as pictured above. Between these are singalong lyrics displayed in a manner that races forward from distance towards you. No doubt, if you had 3D specs the words would come shooting out the screen. Simple but effective, indeed.




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