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Josh Baxter and Garyn Bennet are two boys from cache Valley, Utah. They started making music together in 2014, a little bit by hazard.


The advance started when Gary let a friend record some of his rapping. And one day his friend made Josh listen to it, and then Josh, who has played guitar since he was in middle school, spoke to Gary about working on music together. Thus, Josh & Gary was created.


All of their songs are self-produced, written, recorded, mixed and usually recorded in their home studio in Logan, Utah. They take their inspirations from their day to day life in Cache Valley, dealings with positivity and morals.


On their previous tracks, they usually do legato style melodies rooted in hip-hop singer-songwriter styles, but for their new one, “Jugg” released on October 5, they add a little bit of rock to the mix.


It’s also the first time they have asked someone else help to master music, finding the help of Pale Horse Sound Studios.


And for sure, this is a good vibes track, dealing in, a humorous way, about the dangers of drug abuse. The lyrics are a chronological story about a man who without really thinking about consequences, try some drugs offered to him by ‘friends’ he just met.


They blend several genres together which, in fact, create a really coherent song. The chorus and main guitar riff are definitely rock, and it’s like they added this type of music on their usual style music. And it works!


And as an agreement to what I’m saying, Travis Erwin from LA on Lock, said about them, “This is the fun magic stuff. Music that is catchy and draws you into another world and time. I encourage all to imbibe fully in this rocking melodic ditty“.


Listen to “The Jugg” below:




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