Josh Trank ‘Star Wars’ Spin Off Still Happening Without Him | Film News


After all the controversy in the past week due to the critically and commercially derided Fantastic Four, it seemed like director Josh Trank wouldn’t be hearing any good news for a while. Well, after his aborted (and untitled) Star Wars spin-off was cancelled, the news from LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy tells a different story.


The movie is being delayed solely to concentrate on developing the special effects technologies needed for production, with the hope of releasing the film in 2020. The bad news for Trank is that he is still not involved with the project – it seems like it may be a long time, before he is going to be back behind the director’s chair, following the Fantastic Fallout last week. As for Star Wars, The Force Awakens hits cinemas on December 18, with spin-off Rogue One heading for a December 16, 2016 release.



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