Joshua Luke Smith – Heart Of Man | Music Video



Joshua Luke Smith, 25-year-old wordsmith and philosophy graduate, now has visuals for “Heart Of Man”. Available on Bandcamp, all funds raised streaming and downloading it will be donated to the Preemptive Love Coalition. The Becoming Human Tour will promote upcoming project, Your Beauty Deluxe Edition, out Saturday, January 21.


“Heart Of Man” opens with sedate and sad keys on the piano. The delivery is very poetic, and the breaks in his voice convey real empathy, “I shed a few tears” indicative of that on the lyrical front. Backing vocals are soulful, still waters running deep, like the line: “He should’ve had a bucket and a spade…washing up on the shore like the waves”.


The video, with help from filmmaker, Dominic Doring, is primarily focused upon Smith shrouded in darkness. Low light illuminates what it can, like the small iota of hope he pleads for. Funnily enough, the source of the illumination are clips of war, whether civil or international. You see him look to the skies, as if in prayer, not far from totally distraught.




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