Joshy Connor Returns With Genre-Blurring New Album ‘Love Unknown’

Joshy Connor is back with a new album, Love Unknown, showcasing his unique blend of musical styles. Released on May 22nd, this album highlights Joshy’s ability to fuse elements of folk, pop, and neo-soul, creating a fresh and captivating sound that is already receiving positive feedback.

Love Unknown consists of eleven tracks, each bringing something different to the table while centering around memorable tunes and intricate guitar parts. One of the album’s lead single “Wild” is a track that combines complex percussion and electronic elements with folk-fueled guitar riffs. This sets the stage for the diverse soundscapes that follow.

Speaking about the album’s inspiration, Joshy Connor explains, “My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. I am happiest when playing, recording, or writing music. This album draws on a diverse range of influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul.”

One of the standout tracks, “Truth,” intertwines complex percussion and electronic elements with folk-inspired guitar riffs, showcasing Joshy’s ability to blend genres seamlessly. Another highlight is “Lighthouse,” an unreleased track that brings a neo-soul atmosphere to the album, melding soulful synths and slick guitar lines.

Based in South-East London, Joshy Connor has been creating and releasing music for over ten years. His debut album, Running, was released in 2011 and positioned him as an artist to watch in the singer-songwriter realm. Despite a recent hiatus, Joshy continued to nurture his creative side, turning poems written during this period into songs that form the basis of “Love Unknown.”

Joshy Connor collaborated with Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Murillo Sguillaro and Seb Kellig on this album. The beauty of simplicity was an essential focus, resulting in tracks that are both intricate and accessible.

Joshy shares, “I enjoyed the challenge of writing poems and in the latter half of 2023 began setting some of these poems to music, resulting in the creation of my album. During the writing process, I aimed for simplicity, clarity, and minimal production.”

Critics have praised the lyrical depth of Love Unknown, noting themes of heartbreak, joy, and self-discovery. Joshy’s ability to connect with his audience through his music is evident throughout the album. The simplicity and clarity of the production allow the emotional weight of the lyrics to shine through.

Joshy Connor plans to support the album with a tour starting this summer. Fans can expect live performances that showcase his dynamic musical range and the heartfelt stories within his songs. With its genre-blurring sound and emotional depth, “Love Unknown” marks an exciting new chapter in Joshy Connor’s career.

Fans and new listeners alike will find much to enjoy in this captivating album, listen to it below.


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