Jotti Releases Debut Single ‘Like You’re Mine’ From Upcoming EP

Jotti, an emerging artist from Los Angeles, has released his debut single, “Like You’re Mine.” This song is part of his forthcoming EP, Post-Love Clarity. With a nostalgic summertime vibe, the song is about wanting to be with someone, even if it’s just for a short time.

“Like You’re Mine” showcases Jotti’s blend of pop, indie, and acoustic music. Jotti, whose real name is Jot Singh, wrote and produced all the songs on the EP himself. He had help from notable session musicians, including Zach Esposito and Nes Decreux, which brought the project to life.

Jotti collaborated with Grammy-nominated engineer Eddie Echelon at the famous Village Studios in Los Angeles. This collaboration has added a polished touch to his music. “Working with Eddie was a fantastic experience,” Jotti said. “His expertise helped elevate my songs to a new level.”

Jotti began his musical journey in 2017 by posting covers on YouTube. He gained millions of views with his renditions of songs by John Mayer, Alicia Keys, and Shawn Mendes. One of his most popular covers, “New Light” by John Mayer, has over 1.6 million views on YouTube. It even made it to the Spotify Indonesia Top 50 Viral Charts.

In 2020, Jotti released his first demo EP, Blue Dreams, featuring collaborations with John Mayer’s bassist, Sean Hurley. Tracks like “Goddess of the Moon” and “Sweet & Sour” from that EP received positive feedback. Since then, Jotti has performed live in Hollywood, gaining thousands of streams and new followers.

Jotti’s journey from posting covers on YouTube to working with industry veterans has been impressive. His passion and dedication to music are evident in his work. “Music has always been a way for me to connect with people,” Jotti shared. “I hope my songs can bring comfort and joy to those who listen.”

“Like You’re Mine” is now available on all major streaming platforms while waiting for Post-Love Clarity to be released.

Listen to “Like You’re Mine” below!


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