‘Joy’ – A Story About Drive And American Consumerism | Film Review

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‘Joy’ – A Story About Drive And American Consumerism | Film Review

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When I went to see Joy, I had high expectations especially after the advertising campaign this film has had. However, the successful cast of Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper) plus the director David O. Russell didn’t get it right this time, in my opinion.


I mean the film has some interesting ideas in it, but they are not delivered properly so this production fails in consistency. I didn’t get why Bradley Cooper got only a few lines. The story of his character could have been developed more along with Joy’s.


The things to remember after watching this film, revolve around the struggles that Joy has with her business idea, how she developed a product from scratch and the drive and ambition this character played by Jennifer Lawrence has. I mean she would do anything to succeed. Her family is messed up, but that didn’t make her stop fighting for her goals. This film is more a drama, than a comedy, in my opinion, as it rarely made any cinema goer laugh. I particularly enjoyed how American consumerism was portrayed in a shopping channel environment. Joy is out in cinemas everywhere.




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