‘Judge Dredd’ TV Series May See The Character Back In Action | TV News



Originally made popular through comic series ‘2000 AD’, Judge Dredd has always been quite notorious for his stern and no nonesense personality that engaged well with his character of ‘judge, jury and executioner.’


In spite of being a fundamental figure within the British comic book scene, the character and his story has ever scarcely been told in film. The first adaptation was released in 1995, with Sylvester Stallone’s portrayal diverging from the character’s roots and exhibiting him as a sympathetic action hero


However, it wasn’t until 2012’s Dredd did the character get the treatment he rightly deserved. Portrayed by Karl Urban, Dredd rampages through a corrupt apartment complex and laying down the law the only way he knew how. Despite being considered a box-office bomb, many fans have long waited for a sequel to see the light of the day.


So finally we hear some news from Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley, as he reveals that a possible sequel film or even a television series may be developed in the future. During an Interview with Pocket Lint at this year’s E3, he stated “We really want to get more TV stuff made and movie stuff made. There’s stuff happening in the background that’s really exciting, We’re a long way from anything announcing, but we’re working hard on that”.


He also added that “Dredd’s world deserves a TV show. Several probably. Several box sets, actually. Six at least”. Kingsley also expressed his desire to see Urban reprise the role, referencing the actor’s love for the franchise as being an inspiration to his portrayal.



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