Julia Kahn Offers Hope And Renewal On New Single ‘Back To Earth’

Julia Kahn has released her new single, “Back to Earth.” This electro-pop track is about releasing perfectionism and reconnecting with one’s true self. Her goal was to create a song that feels like hope, springtime, and renewal.

Kahn explains, “I wanted ‘Back to Earth’ to feel like springtime and regeneration. It’s a hopeful, light, freeing song about releasing perfectionism and coming back to one’s true self.”

The artist’s new single invites listeners to dance, relax, and forget their worries. The song comes at a time when many feel overwhelmed by social media and societal pressures. Kahn aims to provide a musical escape that raises spirits and encourages self-empowerment.

Her unique blend of indie-electronic production and soulful lyrics captivates listeners. Her music is known for its deep chillwave, RnB, and soulful indie-pop vibe. This latest single is no different, offering a high-energy yet meaningful listening experience.

Kahn adds, “This song is different from my previous releases. It’s more high-energy and vibey, but it’s an important part of my journey towards self-love. It’s about self-empowerment, expression, and realizing your own worth.”

“Back to Earth” follows the singer’s successful debut single, “Fly Away,” which climbed from #25 to #9 in the UK’s commercial pop charts. Her single “Light On” received praise and was featured on BBC Radio 1’s René la Vice show. She has collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Bryan Todd on these releases.

Kahn has also gained significant traction online, with millions of views on TikTok and hundreds of thousands of streams. Earlier this year, she completed an international radio tour and performed at various US and UK festivals.

“Back to Earth” is Kahn’s third single from her upcoming project. The track is part of her effort to continue sharing messages of empowerment and inner transformation.

The artist concludes, “With the pressures of social media, I wanted to make a song that reminds us we’re already enough. What the world needs isn’t more perfect people but more empathetic ones who know their worth.”

Julia Kahn’s “Back to Earth” is available now, inviting listeners to dance and reconnect with their true selves. Give it a try below!


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