‘Jurassic World’ Passes The Billion-Dollar Mark Internationally | Film News



Jurassic World is raking in the doe quicker than an Indominus Rex on the hunt, as the box-office smash just crossed the $1 Billion mark at the international market.


Colin Trevorrow‘s monster-movie is now only the fourth film to reach 10-figures internationally behind such classic’s as Avatar ($2.03 billion), Titanic ($1.53 billion), and this years poignant entry into its franchise Fast and Furious 7 ($1.16 billion).


Currently ranked the third biggest film of all time (both domestically and globally), Jurassic World also has the distinction of the biggest domestic debut of all time with $208.8 million, scoring the biggest second weekend ever and crossing the $1 billion mark globally in just 13 days (phew).


Jurassic World has created a headline year for Universal, sharing in the success alongside such hits as Minions and Fast and Furious 7, the studio has grossed more than $6 billion globally at the box office this year, a record previously held by Fox ($5.53 billion). Universal has also earned the record of having three movies reach the $1 Billion mark with the three aforementioned films.


With success such as this its no surprise that a Jurassic World sequel is already in the works with a majority of the original talent attached to the project. Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard will reprise their leading roles with Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow back to write the script. Trevorrow has stated that he will not direct the sequel but will co-produce alongside legendary director Steven Spielberg.



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