Kadhja Bonet Releases Brand New Album ‘Childqueen’ | Music News


The latest album from LA artist Kadhja Bonet is out now. Childqueen, the second project for her, is a step forward but on the same time a gaze to her roots.


Bonet entered the scene in 2014 taking part in the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo. After the release of her first album, The Visitor back in 2016, Kadhja moved to Berlin, a decision which changed her life totally.


That seems to be the reason why she came back to the sunny LA, where she found the inspiration and gave birth to Childqueen: the title has a specific meaning, it refers to the original person we all are when our lives start, and according to her, this is the more “honest version of ourselves”.


The critics defines her as psychedelic soul, and this is well summarized in the bio of her official page: “(…) travelling at maximum velocity through intergalactic jungle quadrants (…)” . It is absolutely worth to discover the universe of this intense artist.


The album is very rich in instrumentation; plenty of flutes, strings, guitar, keys, bass and drums played by her. Kadhja’s vocal abilities seem to appear hidden behind such a great use of pure music, but this respects her style as well.


Enjoy her waves and have a look at her colourful official webpage, to understand Kadhja’s nature better .




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