Kamaliza – Zanzibar | Music Video


Kamaliza has just released his new single “Zanzibar” and its accompanying music video, the new track is part of a bigger project called Zermatt started by the singer/producer last year.


“Zanzibar” stands out from the usual electronic songs for two main reasons, first for the sound of the drums that gives the song the energy of a live record and second for the very rich text. Speaking about this Kamaliza, said, “The song is about taking the next step in the direction you feel you were destined for, even if that means saying goodbye to those that you care about. I believe there are unknown forces that guide us; in this tangible world of science and fact, it’s the unknown that I’m learning to trust”.


The video is as interesting as the song, it is a short animation film set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology has consumed society entirely. The singer explained: “There was a scene where a robot was used. We wanted to build off that scene and this time create a narrative to go along with it. Our main character is a robot searching for something that has been missing from their life,”




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