Kane Chattey – Writhing | Music video


Kane Chattey has just released the music video for “Writhing”, his debut single of the artist.


Kane is already well known in the music industry as a creative director, podcaster and filmmaker. During his career, he has worked with Skepta, JMSN and Snoop Dogg, and the 25 years-old artist is becoming a social media star with his podcast series ‘So You Want To Be An Artist?’.


The music video for “Writhing” is very original. At the start, it seems like a sad song but at the end, the atmosphere completely changes and the singer turns into a super-colored animation.


The text is the most important part of the song, For this reason the artist has decided to put it in the video with subtitles. Speaking about the song, Kane Chattey said, “Writhing is not only my first musical offering, but a mantra – and also a promise – to the love and life that surrounds us all at every moment; I found you once and, as sure as the sun will rise, I will find you again.”


Watch the video below.




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