Kanye West Claims 90% Of Celebrities Speak Out Just For Cash | Music News


Kayne West recently spoken to Q magazine regarding race, fatherhood and celebrity culture. The superstar has been quoted as saying, “90% of celebrities only use their voice for the purpose of making money for themselves“. This rant comes days after various artists have complained about not being paid during the free trial of the Apple Music launch. “I just think there’s a lot of celebrities that are completely controlled by their finances. You could literally tap them on the wrist and say they lost five dollars and they’ll fall to the floor and beg for at least four of the dollars back”, West continued.


So when people expect a celebrity to do or say anything, you’re talking to the wrong group of people. They won’t use their voice for the people. They’ll only use their voice for money. Print it as loud, as f**king loud, as you want to. Print it. And I don’t care what parties I don’t get invited to afterwards. 90% of celebrities only use their voice for the purpose of making money for themselves. I’ll address (politics) however it needs to be addressed, because the world is broken. Somebody’s got to be crazy enough to put themselves and their wellbeing on the line for truth. Somebody’s gotta do it“, he concluded.


Am I right in assuming that he got paid for this article?? Kayne West will be headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival on Saturday, June 27.



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