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Kanye West released “Only One” last New Year’s Eve, now he is back ending 2015 with a bang by releasing his new single “Facts” produced by Metro Boomin and Southside. It is not known if “Facts” will be on his upcoming album Swish, which has not yet got a release date.


Kanye sings to the tune of Drake and Future’s hit, “Jumpman” in the hook and lyrics ridiculing Nike, “If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man they wouldn’t have nothin’, woo, If Nike ain’t have Don C, man they wouldn’t have nothin’, ooh“, with both lines referencing how important Drake and the shoe designer Don C are for Nike.


The song also has its lighter moments with a humorous lyric “I stuck to my roots, I’m like Jimmy Fallon” and West is still clinging onto his ambition dream to run for president “2020, I’ma run the whole election”. Kanye West is known to be controversial and this song proclaims it, you can listen to “Facts” below.




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