Kanye West Makes Time Magazine ‘100 Most Influential People In The World’ List | Music News


Kanye West features in the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The Word, along with other popular figures of the day such as Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Bjork and ninety six others. Entrepreneur Elon Musk, recently described West as being a “pop-culture juggernaut”. In Kanye’s recent interview with Time Magazine, he spoke of his own impact since being in the lime light, “every time I crash the internet, it’s like this little drop of truth. Every time I say something that is extremely truthful out loud, it literally breaks the internet. So what are we getting all the rest of the time”. Kanye expanded and related his role to being similar to that of a teacher or a police officer, and although his profession is worlds apart, good artists do save lives.



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