Kate Bush – And Dream Of Sheep (Live) | Music Video

Kate Bush

Kate Bush


The singer songwriter and producer, Kate Bush, just released a short film to go with the release of “And Dream Of Sheep“, a re-recording of the piano ballad which was originally on her fifth album, Hounds Of Love.


The single was released on Friday, but the singer has recorded a video of her singing live while she was in a tank of water in Pinewood Studios to go with her release. The video has also been displayed during her live performances.


Bush has been known for her experimental pop and art pop, and “And Deam of Sheep” is yet another example of the songwriter taking a step further into making an art creation and wowing her fans, and even impress those who might have just heard of her.


“And Dream of Sheepis part of Bush’s Before The Dawn, a live album of all her shows which will debut on Friday, November 25 and will include three CDs and four vinyls.




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