Kate Winslet And Chris Hemsworth Star In ‘The Dressmaker’ | Film Trailer


Based on the novel by Rosalie Ham, The Dressmaker centres around Myrtle played by Kate Winslet who is returning to the small Australian village where she grew up. Having travelled the world working in the fashion industry, she must begrudgingly return to her birth village to look after her dying mother. However, the villagers aren’t best pleased to see her, after she was exiled from the village after being accused of murdering a small boy at the age of ten.


However her talent in the fashion industry comes in handy as she transforms the women of the village through what they wear, while in the meantime seeking revenge on the people who wrongly accused her all those years ago. Someone who always seem to be on her side is Teddy played by Liam Hemsworth who wants to help Myrtle find justice. Described as a revenge comedy drama, The Dressmaker is released on November 6 in the UK.




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