Kayla DiVenere Explores Self-Love In New Single ‘Date Myself’

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In an era where music provides an intimate reflection of life’s roller-coaster experiences, Kayla DiVenere’s latest offering, “Date Myself,” delves into the often tumultuous terrain of modern dating culture.

The 19-year-old Montreal-born artist, currently residing in Los Angeles, is not holding back in expressing her sentiments about the complexities of relationships and the importance of self-worth.

Releasing under Sound Factory Records, “Date Myself” is a song that many will relate to, offering a lens into the highs and lows of young adulthood. The single stands as a testament to the alt-pop genre with its contemplative lyrics merged with captivating melodies. Through her words, Kayla sheds light on her own experiences, painting a vivid picture of the frustrations many face in the world of dating.

According to Kayla, the song’s inspiration lies in the value of introspection and self-love. She reflects, “Writing ‘Date Myself’ was an awakening about the beauty of solitude. It’s about recognizing the power in upholding personal standards and cherishing one’s own company.” For her, the catharsis of songwriting and then singing her heart out has brought a sense of solace that overshadows fleeting romantic encounters.

DiVenere’s journey in the arts has been expansive. From her acting stints at the tender age of six in popular series like Love Victor, Law & Order, and Light as a Feather, she’s seamlessly transitioned into the music scene. Her prowess is evident.

With a few singles under her belt, she has garnered over a million streams and a following of 200K on social media platforms. Such accomplishments at such a young age underscore her dedication and immense potential.

The release of “Date Myself” and its predecessor “Jumping the Gun” mark a new chapter in Kayla’s musical journey, where she adopts a matured, alt-leaning pop sound. And while she celebrates the virtue of being alone in “Date Myself,” she certainly isn’t lonely in her musical ascent, gaining listeners who find resonance in her authentic voice.

For those eager to explore this new sonic experience, you can listen to “Date Myself” below!


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