Keanu Reeves Returns To ‘John Wick 3’ On Horseback | Film News


The return of the ‘Boogeyman’, is set to appear on our screens very soon! John Wick: Chapter 3 follows the final instalment of Wick’s journey in the action packed film full of deadly assassins. Following the extreme success of the first two films, audiences are looking forward to finding out how Wick’s story will end.


Whilst shooting the film, Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) ditches his iconic Ford Mustang for a horse, riding through the New York streets. With the John Wick films constantly surprising audiences with different action sequences, this scene will certainly follow that tradition. Halle Berry has also been seen on set however, pictures are mainly revolving around Mr Wick himself.



With audiences already captivated in his story, there is much excitement for the release of Chapter 3, but we are in for a bit of a wait!




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