Kehlani + Ty Dolla $ign – Nights Like This | Music Video


Over the past years Kehlani has evolved so much as a singer and now she has become a big music artist. Yesterday, the singer has dropped a fresh new track titled “Nights Like This” featuring the rapper Ty Dolla Sign. And this banger has arrived with a brilliant visual.


“Nights Like This” is a midtempo R&B song accompanied by Kehlani’s beautifully smooth vocals. The artist sings about a lover who keeps sending mixed signals about they want and therefore, playing with her emotions.


“On some nights like this, shorty, I can’t help but think of us. You gon’ get my hopes high, girl. Just gon’ tell more lies, girl”, a broken-hearted Kehlani sings.



The cinematic visual begins with a female android that collapses in front of a house. Kehlani finds the now broken android at her doorstep, brings her inside to fix her up.


As she reactivates her, they begin to form a special bond and Kehlani introduces her to being human. The two share a power where they can touch each other’s chest and see their thoughts and past experiences. As the android touches Kehlani’s chest, she realises that the artist has a soul and she does not.


The android therefore uploads her own consciousness into Kehlani’s mind, and then deactivates herself. She wanted Kehlani’s humanity and thus steals this and takes Kehlani’s body.


The android, now Kehlani, burns her deactivated body when Ty Dolla Sign enters and raps his verses. The rap artist notices what has happened but before he can inform anybody, the android kills him as well.


An interesting plot with a twist at the end. The visual reminds one of the 2014 thriller Ex Machina.


Kehlani shares her experience collaborating with the rap artist Ty Dolla Sign with Zane Lowe on Beats 1: “I love Ty. We’ve made songs and it just hasn’t come out because it hasn’t been the time. This was just the perfect time for us both to finally put something out”.


Her last project was the 2017 SweetSexySavage debut album and ever since, the artist has been dropping collaborative tracks as well as hit singles that all have earned major success. The talented singer keeps blessing us with amazing projects and in February Kehlani will drop her new album.


In October, 2018, the rising artist had announced her pregnancy with her first child who is due in the spring. Thus, her upcoming masterpiece will reflect on this rich experience as well as many other significant events in her life:


“My next official album is a story. I’m telling stories I’ve never told. It’s my parents’ story articulated into mine, articulated into a gift for my daughter, so she knows where she comes from”.



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