Kelly Oliver – Miles To Tralee | Music Video



Kelly Oliver has premiered her new video for her upcoming single “Miles To Tralee” via Folk Radio UK. The new single has a very close and personal story to Kelly as it was her Grandmother that inspired her to write it. Speaking to Folk Radio UK, Kelly said: “My song Miles To Tralee is based on the story of my Grandmother, who was born in Tralee, Ireland, and moved over to London after the war in order to find work. She met my Grandfather on her way to work and the rest is history! Set in London, the video shows me walking the streets, telling her story and imagining the longing she might have felt to return to her home in Tralee one day“.


The single is due to be released on November 20 and it will also be featured on Kelly’s second album coming out next March. Watch the video for “Miles To Tralee” below:




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