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The Internet has made it easier than ever to download music for free. If someone wants a song, it can be in their music catalogue in a matter of minutes, free of charge. However, downloading music this way is illegal, and it means that those involved in creating the music don’t receive any money for it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, not according to Kevin Parker.


The Tame Impala front-man joins a host of fellow musicians when he says that he doesn’t mind the act; in fact, he admits that he also did it in the past. During Mary Anne Hobbes’ show on BBC Radio 6, Parker says that no matter how people get their music, the fact that people are listening and connecting with it matters more than money. Whether someone orders a record online or simply downloads it from a website, he doesn’t mind, “whatever allows music to enrich your life to the fullest.”He also reminds listeners that “there are other ways to get money in music” like artists using their work in movies or adverts.


To listen to the clip from the show, click here.




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