Kid Cudi Suprises Fans With ‘Satellite Flight’ Album Release | Music News


Beyoncé is no longer the only music artist to put out an album out of nowhere, rapper Kid Cudi has followed suite and done it also! The new Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon project randomly popped up on iTunes last night without anyone knowing about the release, according to reports.


Kid Cudi initially was set to put out an EP, but decided to change it last minute to an album. Continuing the trend of dropping projects without warning, Cudder releases Satellite Flight digitally on iTunes. The 10-track LP features Raphael Saadiq on “Balmain Jeans” and rocks the rest solo.” – XXL Mag


The Satellite Flight LP features ten new songs, including the previously released title track “Satellite Flight”. Make sure you download the album on iTunes, it is definitely a great listen, check out the tracklist below:


1. Destination: Mother Moon
2. Going To The Ceremony
3. Satellite Flight
4. Copernicus Landing
5. Balmain Jeans Feat. Raphael Saadiq
6. Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now
7. Internal Bleeding
8. In My Dreams 2015
9. Return Of The Moon Man (Original Score)
10. Troubled Boy



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