‘Kindergarten Cop’ To Return Without Arnold Schwarzenneger | Film News


It has been twenty five years since audiences saw Arnold Schwarzenneger grace our screens as cop/kindergarten teacher John Kimble. Now Ivan Reitman’s original Kindergarten Cop is getting a sequel sans Schwarzenneger, but with Dolph Lundgren. Pictures have been dotted throughout internet land from behind the scenes, as Don Michael Paul’s sequel started shooting in Vancouver.


Paul, known for other lesser known sequels such as last year’s Jarhead 2 and Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, has enlisted the script writing skills of David H. Steinberg, whose stamp has previously been placed on Puss In Boots and American Pie 2. Kindergarten Cop 2 is due for release next year, however it is yet to be determined if the film will get a theatre release.



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