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Dan Salah or as known by her stage name, King Deco, is a Jordanian born but based in Brooklyn indie-pop singer, who has established a really appealing music resume already. Now she has released on Soundcloud her latest track, “Read My Lips”, and it’s just about those indie-pop fresh and catchy songs that sometimes we all love to listen to.


As she quotes about the song, “I think it’s funny when you tell someone how you feel and instead of hearing what it is you’re actually saying they hear what they want. I feel like that happens a lot when the power dynamic shifts in favour of the girl. ‘Read My Lips’ is basically saying and re-saying the same thing a million different ways in hopes the person will finally get the message: ‘If you’re a little uncertain, I’m give you that 151 proof'”.


So yes, definitely a cool song, a cool opinion and an action that at least many women actually faced once in their lifetime, so check out below the single and as about King Deco…go tell them, girl!




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