Korean American Artist Nolo Grace Releases New Single ‘Winter Blue’

Korean American artist-producer Nolo Grace has shared her new single titled “Winter Blue”.

Born in New York, the musical artist has established herself in Los Angeles back in 2017, after travelling the world as a digital nomad.

Forming her own personal touch by mixing pop, R&B, hip hop, and experimental genres along with her thought-provoking lyrics and touching vocals, her music style appears as a dreamy electronic alt-pop.

Life had not been always good for the singer. Her hard childhood has built the producer’s strengths, she climbed to Wall Street as a corporate executive and took her next step toward music, where she shared her distinctive point of view of damage, reconstruction, and evolution.

Her vision of transformation of her life was perspective in the three singles “Wake Up”, “Miss Perfect”, and “Don’t Wanna Go Home” that she shared last year.

On April 8, the artist, producer and co-founder of the conscious creative collective Parasol among other things, released her self-produced dreamy single “Winter Blue”.

Giving enthusiastic and nostalgic feelings, the track described the secret garden of Nolo Grace, her productive style is easily spotted thanks to echoing guitar, layered vocals, and hypnotic drum groove.

Speaking about the track, she said “‘Winter Blue’ is a time capsule. It captures the mood of making music at 6am every day during the pandemic, the quarantine solo sessions that got me through this period. Now that we’re moving out of that period, I am making sense of these pieces to share my experience and musical expression.

Nolo Grace journey is only starting. Listen to her “Winter Blue” here:


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