Krishane + Melissa Steel – Drunk & Incapable | New Music


Introducing you to Krishane, originating from Jamaica, the 20 year old is set to release his debut single “Drunk & Incapable”, featuring none other than singer of the moment Melissa Steel, who has just had huge success with her latest single “Kisses For Breakfast”. “Drunk & Incapable” is due for release on the 12th of October.


The upbeat track fuses Pop with a taste of Krishane’s Jamaican roots presenting influences of dancehall, with Steel lending her vocals to the call and response based track. Krishane spoke about working with Melissa Steel saying “working with Melissa has been amazing. She has a great vibe and I love that. Im looking forward to shooting the video with her out in Jamaica”. Check out the brilliant “Drunk & Incapable” which will hopefully keep your summer going for that little bit longer on this dull day.




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