Krist Novoselic Calls Foo Fighters ‘Best Band In The World’ | Music News

Krist Novoselic


Ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has collaborated with the Foo Fighters and dubbed them the “leading act in the world”, so clearly he’s a fan. Recently though, he truly emphasised how much he appreciates them. At a Foo Fighters gig in Portland, he live-tweeted over twenty excited tweets in support of the band. The final tweet reads: “The best band in the world”, along with a video of them finishing their set to a huge applause.


If you’ve ever seen a favourite band live and wanted to capture every single moment, you’ll understand the enthusiasm here. It’s extremely easy to get over-excited at a live show, and Novoselic proves that even rock stars are capable of a little freak out!




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