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After a long silence in the music scene, KXNG Crooked has decided to close out 2018 by releasing a fresh new single titled “B.C.”.


His first solo track in a while features the classic “Ooh La La La” by The Fugees and a hard instrumentation. Of course, the rapper has added his own flavour to it and the outcome is amazing.


“Black & Prominent, Wyclef Jean’n it. Designer denim, never recessive, them jeans dominant. Don’t spit a 16, I vomit it. West Coast like a purple and gold Laker jersey with Lebron in it”, Crooked raps.



Apart from some very few solo single releases, the artist has been mainly focusing on his new group Family Bvsiness. The group had released two albums titled Grand Opening and LLC.


Since the two projects, we have not received any solo music from Crooked. In July, the rapper shared a couple of singles, including a song called “UH Oh”. And now, he has blessed his fans with the brand new single, “B.C.”.


It was definitely worth the wait. Alongside the banger, the rap artist is also closing out the year by teasing a new upcoming EP. The release date has not been confirmed yet, however we can enjoy the new single until then.


And we know we can expect something good because KXNG Crooked has proven with “B.C.” that he has only gotten better with time.



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