LA Alt-Pop Singer Samantha Margret Unveils New Single ‘The End’

Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has released her new single titled “The End.”

With her particular and powerful voice, accompanied by multiple instruments such as bass, piano, and synthesizers, and with the assistance of her co-writer and producer Kenneth Grimm, better known by his stage name GR1MM, she set out to write her most recent single, “The End,” keeping in mind her dark, moody aesthetic. The song will be played in The Watchful Eye’s season finale, which will air on Freeform at the end of March.

I love a Bond villain and the way music and storytelling fit together in that franchise. When we started ‘The End,’ we had that moody, romantic tone in mind. Writing something this orchestrally driven was a delight. The sweeping vocals and reverb really took me back to singing Celine Dion into a hairbrush as a kid, if Celine Dion were a femme fatale out for revenge,” she explains.

Samantha Margret creates music for women who want to be in control of their bodies, emotions, and history. Layered vocals and bass-heavy beats are hallmarks of Samantha’s alt-pop music.

Samantha’s lead single, “RAGE,” helped set the tone when her debut EP was released last August. Women from all over the nation flooded her inbox with messages describing how “RAGE” enabled them to put their emotions into action. Since then, editorial Spotify playlists like SALT, Villain Mode, and most notably, Created By Women, have showered her with support.

Joriah Kwamé and Kate Cosentino are only two of the artists for whom she has written. Since being chosen for the Johnny Mercer Songwriter Project class of 2020, where she was taught by Lindy Robbins, Stephen Bray, Andrew Lippa, and Craig Carnelia, she has worked to refine both her artistic voice and her ear for production.

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Listen to the single below:


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