LA-Based Nigerian Artist August Makorr Releases New Single ‘On My Way’

Los Angeles based Nigerian artist August Makorr has released a new single titled “On My Way”.

The song encourages listeners to be grateful for the good things in life as the bad things can always happen too. Different experiences in our lives can shape the way we look at the future, causing us to develop a negative attitude.

It is not necessary to let these bad experiences or circumstances derail our optimism and happiness because, in the end, all that matters is just being alive or having a family. Despite his turbulent past, August bounces between English and Nigerian pidgin to express his optimism about the future.

Speaking about how the track came together, Makorr says, “The song was written after my visit to my home country, Nigeria after not being around for over 7 years. I was consumed with work in the U.S, bills, stressed and trying to meet the western standard of success.

It felt like I hit a reset button after arriving back home in Nigeria. Seeing family, experiencing my culture gave me that sense of hope to take a deep breath. People who had nothing to their name were happy so I have no excuse to not be thankful for life“.

August is joined on “On My Way” by Tim Lyre, a rising singer-producer in the Nigerian alternative music movement, who adds his soothing vocal harmonies to the chorus. Whether you’re stressed, anxious or happy, “On My Way” is the song for you. A positive vibe emanates from it in any environment, encompassing different moods.

Listen to “On My Way” below:


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