LA Dance Music Project Aatocaster Unveils New Single ‘Superstition’

Renowned producer and artist Alex Lubeck, under the alternative dance music project moniker Aatocaster, has launched his single, “Superposition“.

This intense track delves into a distorted, tumultuous universe. Here, Lubeck manifests as a character tormented by the disarray of culture and the absence of objective reality in society.

The character finds himself consumed by resentment as his loved ones, holding contrasting worldviews, show reluctance towards drastic changes he deems necessary.

The riveting soundtrack of the song, a notable characteristic, stems from the Infiniti G37 engine, a popular street racing vehicle. This addition infuses a sinister, twisted ambiance to the song, akin to a dystopian future.

Aatocaster, situated in Los Angeles, is an avant-garde dance music endeavor by producer/artist Alex Lubeck. His musical journey started at the tender age of seven when he picked up the drums. Throughout his academic years, he played across a myriad of bands spanning punk, indie, and hip-hop genres.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Alex continued dabbling in diverse genres by composing music for commercials, independent films, and theatre productions.

He also established Edge Venue LA, his independent house performance venue, fostering musical communities and relationships. Often, he can be spotted operating the sound board there.

Aatocaster’s unique sound originated from the urge to inspire existential solace through embracing chaos, imperfections, and raw emotions. It pulls its sonic influence from a broad spectrum of musical genres.

Eager fans can anticipate the release of Aatocaster’s debut EP this summer. Listen to “Superposition” by Aatocaster below!


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