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Former frontman of incredible late-00’s indie outfit Late of the Pier, Sam Dust has shared his first song in years under the moniker of LA Priest. Late of the Pier (LOTP) had all but dissolved by the end of the decade after a promising debut LP Fantasy Black Channel. Dust supposedly moved to Greenland when the band went on hiatus, where he studied the effect of the Ivittuut region’s electro-magnetic phenomena on recorded sound (as you do).


There had been no word of any LOTP members until last week when a new interactive website site called Earth Window was launched. The site leads you through a triply maze of digital mess until you reach a two minute snippet of a new track by LA Priest. The full version of that track has just been released on Domino records and is titled “Oino”.


The track was premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and is preceding LA Priest’s debut album. “Oino” is produced with perfect attention to detail. Much in the same ball park as mysterious producer Jai Paul, LA Priest works with dozens of transcending layers that merge and build to create an indie electro dream. “Oino” is set for official release on March 30 and is available to stream below.




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