Lana Condor Joins ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Cast As Jubilee | Film News


With production on X-Men: Apocalypse starting pretty soon, another mutant has been added to the team in the form of Jubilee with newcomer Lana Condor cast as the bad-ass female! Director Bryan Singer shared the news on his Instagram, welcoming the newest mutant.


Jubilee is a fan favorite with comic book lovers and those who watched the animated series. Still, her former big screen appearances were pretty small in the second and third films where she was played by Kea Wong. Jubilee has the pretty cool ability to show plasma energy from her hands and has a bad-ass, spunky attitude! There’s no news as to just how significant Condor’s character will be within Apocalypse as there’s a whole bunch of new mutants for us to enjoy, including Nightcrawler, Storm, Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Exciting stuff! X-Men: Apocalypse hits theatres on May 27, 2016.



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