Lana Del Rey Confirms Reports Of Radiohead Lawsuit Against Her | Music News


Lana Del Rey yesterday took to Twitter to confirm reports that she is being sued by Radiohead over a copyright infringement. The singer-songwriter announced that the band are taking legal action over similarities between “Get Free” from her 2017 record Lust For Life and their 1992 hit “Creep“.


Del Rey denied her song drew inspiration from the track, before suggesting that the issue would be taken to the courts.



The lawsuit has led Blur‘s Graham Coxon to weigh in on Twitter, reminding fans of an earlier legal dispute that saw Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood successfully win writing credits and royalties for “Creep” against Thom Yorke. They alleged that it was inspired by The Hollies song “The Air I Breathe” that they wrote in 1974.


The dispute returns us to the age old question in the music industry on the blurred lines between drawing inspiration and straight out imitating. You can be the judge.



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