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The mysterious Lana Del Rey has released her new song “High By The Beach”. The song begins with several repeated layers of her haunting, breathy vocals before her soulful solo voice melts into a layered verse and pre-chorus and catches its rhythm into the repetitive chorus. The song contains moments of both fluid and gauzy vocals, deep bass beats, explicit lyrics combined with poetic language and pieces of spoken voice, which reflect Lana’s ever daring, honest and experimental attitude to the music she creates. The song has a sombre yet tranquil mood, with an edge of anxious emotion.


Lana is known for her unique, theatrical and somewhat troubled persona which is perhaps misunderstood by many people, because she lives her life in dedication to her art, and it is hard to divide the persona she portrays with the girl behind the image, but this only adds to the poeticism of her art and her personal attachment to it. She frequently sings about the mundaneness of real life, “Loving you is hard, being here is harder”, and consequentially creates other timeless worlds through her music.


Worlds where she can be the free-hearted soul who delves in and out of her tumultuous experiences of love and loss, her blues, her dreams, philosophising her greater purpose and generally trying to locate herself in her world of theatrical love stories and cinematic moments, through what can almost be considered a fictional narrative, for we’ll never know, to what extent her lyrics are her own voice and that of the persona she artistically portrays: “I can’t survive if this is all that’s real”. Listen to “High By The Beach” below.




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