Lánre – Memories | Music Video


Taken from her latest EP Home which debuted in the UK iTunes Top 100 album chart last year, British Nigerian Folk/Soul singer, songwriter and musician Lánre is proud to debut her brand new music video for “Memories”, directed by Jendella Benson.


Written and composed by Lánre, with Richard Burrell (Rita Ora, Rudimental) on 2nd guitar, Nora Kalcheva on cello, Stewart Rawle on bass and Feranmi Ogunseyinde (Rainy Milo, Josh Record) on drums and percussions, “Memories” was originally written for Alzheimer’s awareness and research charity Gèlè Tea, and tries to articulate what it may feel like to lose ones memories, and the need to remember.


The Jendella Benson-directed visuals, while holding a strong thread in African culture, expand further on the original concept of the record, with different rooms and fabric in the video representing the human mind and it different memories. Lánre can be seen throughout the video, with symbols including mirrors, pictures, notebooks, and candles, attempting to recollect her own memories.




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