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South East London singer/songwriter and musician Laolu began singing at the tender age of 10, and always knew she wanted to make music for the rest of her life. Graduating with a degree in Commercial Music Performance, Laolu was soon working with the likes of Katy B and Little Simz. But after nearly three tough years away from music, Laolu returns in 2018 with her brand new single “All In Me“.


Using her struggle with depression as a source of inspiration to return to music and pen her new single, the moody and atmospheric ballad “All In Me” explores the highs and lows of battling depression, and the frequent loss of love for herself and her music.


Speaking about “All In Me”, Laolu confirms that “it is based on a conversation I would have with depression if it were a person. Realising that I cannot give power to it and expect myself to move forward, it’s a conversation I have with myself also to try and let go, and be free of all the darkness. Writing this song was one of the hardest things I have had to do, but it was also really cathartic for me.”


But she has overcome it all, ready to launch herself back into music and make 2018 a year to remember. Follow her journey, begin by pressing play below.




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