Las Vegas Rapper Garry With Two R’s Unveils New Single ‘Big Thangs Big Change’

On August 23, 2023, the Las Vegas-based rapper, Garry With Two R’s, released his latest track, “Big Thangs Big Change”. This song holds special significance for the artist, as it followed his challenging battle with cancer. His triumph over the ailment not only infused a newfound energy into his music but also influenced the track’s theme: the hunger for meaningful action over mere words.

Throughout “Big Thangs Big Change”, Garry motivates his audience to embrace personal growth. He echoes his aspirations for both professional success and financial prosperity.

Starting his career in 2005, fifteen-year-old Garry made waves in the music scene. Between 2008 and 2011, he released four mixtapes. However, he took a break from music to provide security services for renowned artists, including Nas, Ty Dolla $ign, Common, Migos, Mustard, Jamie Foxx, Kase, and Kendrick Lamar.

Garry’s return to the music scene was powerful: in 2018, just three months post his cancer diagnosis, he unveiled “U (R)”, a self-produced and self-engineered fusion album.

From 2021, Garry started an innovative journey, streaming his music-making process on Twitch. Notably, he released songs bi-weekly for a whole year, amounting to over 350 tracks to date. Embarking on a new project, Garry now drops a fresh track every 22nd of the month.

Among his creations, “My Way” frequently graces the airwaves of 104.7 The Drop. Platforms like OkayPlayer have highlighted his tracks such as “Rule,” “Breaking Bad,” “RPS,” and “Trouble.” Meanwhile, “I Get It” caught the attention of Global Money World.

For a taste of Garry’s compelling narratives and vibrant rhythms, delve into “Big Thangs Big Change” below!


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