Latto, Mariah Carey And DJ Khaled Come Together For ‘Big Energy’ Remix

American rapper Latto, R&B legend Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled have linked up to deliver a new remix of Latto’s popular single “Big Energy”.

Released in September 2021, the original song “Big Energy” reached the #11 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart at its peak, making it the highest charting song of the rapper Latto.

She just released her new album 777, featuring some notable artists, such as Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino and 21 Savage.

And to coincide with the album release, this new remix has arrived, using a 1991 sample from Tom Tom Club band’s “Genius Of Love”, which Mariah Carey also used on her hit single “Fantasy”. Latto’s first intention was to pay homage to the pop and R&B Queen.

The “Big Energy” remix takes you for a time travel back to the 90’s, with Mariah’s murmuring voice, Latto’s refreshing rap and brief DJ Khaleb’s interjections.

The song appears more like a mash up of the original “Big Energy” and Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”, but still pleasant to the earr,

Speaking about the collaboration, Latto wrote “I originally thought Mariah for the remix back in like November when it first started going up, but didn’t think I could get her realistically,” she added “Fast fwd I said fuck it and reached out. She was down”.

Latto’s ‘Monster Energy Outbreak’ tour has already started and will continue until the 23rd of April in Atlanta.

Listen to her “Big Energy” remix here:


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